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This article is about the television program. For the furry, see Pingu Penguin.
Pingu the penguin and his friend, Robby the seal.

Pingu is a Swiss children's television series about a penguin (the titular Pingu) who lives at the South Pole with his mother, father, and (after her hatching) baby sister Pinga.

Each episode focuses on Pingu, but often features his family or his best friend, Robby the Seal, or other minor characters.


Four series, consisting of 104 five-minute episodes in total, were made between 1986 and 1998. The series were directed and animated in claymation by Otmar Gutmann and the stories were written by Dani Gilbert.

A special twenty-minute episode ("Pingu at the Wedding Party") was also produced in 1997, which introduced a family of green penguins and a killer vacuum cleaner.

The series has achieved popularity around the world partly due to the lack of any language-specific dialogue. The main characters communicate only in a honking "penguin language", referred to by fans as "Pinguish" or "Penguinese".

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