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Ping Panda (Lucas / Lcs / Ping) is a Brazilian member of the furry fandom, fursuiter, designer, youtuber (of low knowledge), Tiktoker and hobbyist fursuitmaker.

His fursona is a giant panda.

Born in Brazil | BR, he was born in the state of São Paulo, SP, currently living in his hometown, working as a telecom and computer technician.

In the fandom chronology, Ping was the second panda in Brazil.


Lucas (Ping panda) Born in São Paulo, SP, in 1988. Born to a lower-middle-class family in the capital's suburb. he was always a boy in love with making inventions, to fix things (which were rarely successful) and draw, that was one of his favorite things.

Birth of ping[edit]

In the middle of December of 1995 when at home of his grandparents, his uncle rents a cassette tape (VHS) of a film that had been released that year, which was the film The amazing Panda Friend

Since then admired to know an animal totally different from the ones he had met in books and at school, he was enchanted with that beautiful and cute creature, creating his imaginary friend That nowadays comes to be Ping panda.

Entering Furfandon[edit]

In 2001 searching the internet for panda kigurumi, to represent his childhood creation as a mascot, ends up on the website Deviantart where he saw a photo of an oriental girl wearing a kigurumi, but in addition he noticed several panda characters drawn as a mascot, breaking a taboo in feeling the only that had as a character. searching deeper into GOOGLE (and clashing with some results) ended up encountering a newly created forum called Furry Brasil. Although at the time there was little information about furry in Brazil, but it was enough for him to become familiar with.


Made by himself, it was presented to celebrate 15 years in furfandon, starting in March taking three weeks to make the foam mold and the sewing of the plush, concluding one year after it started due to his arduous profession that leads him to travel and stay weeks away from home. According to him, it took more time and lost sleepless nights to make it, but it was worth it, he loved making it. and thanking two fursuitmakers who helped him by giving tips and supporting the project, which would be Rupninja and stage He is also developing a new project that is on hiatus, which would be a new fursuit for the kemono ping version.

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