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Pine Fur Con 2018 banner
Pine Fur Con 2019 flyer; art by FlamesVoices (Erie)

Pine Fur Con was a furry convention first held over April 27-29, 2018 [1] at the DoubleTree Hotel in South Portland, Maine, USA,[1] and was Maine's first furry convention.[1] The theme of the convention was "Heroes and Villains".[1] There were 406 attendees, and $3400 was raised for Short Folks For Hope.[2] 109 fursuiters were in the group photo (and at least one outside it).[3]

The second instance of the event took place on April 5-7, 2019[4] again at the DoubleTree South Portland, with "Disco Infurno" as the theme[4] (also "The 70s"[2]). The guests of honor were Nexus Folf (Gale Frostbane)[5] and Adler the Eagle.[6] The attendance was 573 and $8,397.37 was raised for charity Short Folks For Hope. [7]

On June 19, 2019, it was announced that Pine Fur Con would be coming to an end due to a lack of funding to sustain operation.


Pine Fur Con was the merger of two ideas; one to create a New Hampshire furry con and one to create a Maine furry con. Those ideas together combined to form Pine Fur Con in late 2016.[8] The spirit of Pine Fur Con is carried on by Furcationland, also in Maine since 2023.


The staff of Pine Fur Con as of March 2019 was:[9]


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