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Cover of Piggy Moto

Piggy Moto is an anthropomorphic murder-mystery novel by Nicholas McRae (also known as Flippant Moniker).


A band of pig musicians have entered an international competition with the hopes of changing the world's unflattering prejudices toward their species. An unknown opponent works behind the scenes, however, to sabotage the event. As pranks turn bloody, the swine find that more is at stake than a good reputation.

Publication history[edit]

Author Nicholas McRae wrote the first draft of this novel in 2008. He began podcasting it, chapter by chapter, while seeking publication. The podcast stopped for a while, cut short by the coincidentally-named "Swine Flu" outbreak, and remained dormant for over a year before Podiobooks.com picked it up in 2011. In June of that same year, the novel was published by FurPlanet.

The novel is rated PG-13, for violence and some coarse language.

When asked if there was a sequel in the works, McRae had this to say:

Piggy Moto
Well, Piggy Moto was originally conceived as a five-book series (There'd be one book for each of the five members of the band, you see). And, I have the second book written; it's in its revision stage right now. I have a few other projects in the works, so I'm working on them while we see how All-Star Boar Band does.[1]
Piggy Moto


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