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Piero E. Bluewulf, commonly referred to as simply Piero, is a furry and aspiring novelist. His human name is Brent Armstrong, and he was born in Orlando, Florida, USA, on June 1,[1] 1994. As of May, 2014, he resides in Troy, Alabama,[1] where he is working on his first novel.

Piero's signature consists of the Pi symbol, an "R", and an "O", in his own style of writing.


Piero's fursona is a blue and pink wolf with an always-cocky expression and military garb. His alternate is Peaches the fox, a predominately pink fox with rainbow ears, earrings, and a "male symbol" tattoo on his left arm.

Furry activities[edit]

Piero has attended one convention: Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014.


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