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Phrixus the Gryphon is a furry character created by Daniel Borgshammar in 2002, and also the alias of Daniel in the furry community.

Phrixus Ref Sheet by Melanie D'Entremont

Phrixus has previously been portrayed as a martial eagle / snow leopard gryphon with four wings, a panther, a Feran Avian, and as a white dragon, but usually remain a gryphon.

He has always had a characteristic coloration of highly chromed silver fur/feathers with black zig-zag stripes and bright purple eyes, but various other bits and pieces of him have changed over the years. Originally he was created with both the tail-fan of an eagle and the tail of a tiger, but this later evolved into a thick, fuzzy dragonish tail with a feathered fan at the end, similar to the gryphon tails depicted in The Chronicles of Narnia.

While Phrixus has always had four wings, the arrangement has changed from two equal-sized wings to one large and one small pair.

Background and Story[edit]

Originally Phrixus was created to be a Temporal Guardian as part of a plot on a MUCK, to protect time itself from a villian with the very generic name "The Dark One". After the villian's defeat, the gods let him remain immortal, something thought to be a big reward by the divine presence even if Phrixus would rather be mortal to avoid the burden of having to see his loved ones grow old and die while he remains young.

Phrixus was also the leader of the Spirit Mountain gryphon pride until he dissolved it after his mate died of old age. After the MUCK ceased to exist, Daniel chose to keep the character and background story as his fursona.

Character personality[edit]

Phrixus appears large and pointy with his beak and talons but is, in reality, a very snuggly ball of fluff and feathers. He is also attracted to dragons more than his own kind for unknown reasons. To dull the pain of being immortal, he tries to enjoy life as much as possible and do whatever he enjoys to keep himself occupied. Somehow, this whole situation has left him sane. By default he's very warm and welcoming to strangers and, having left his mountaintop home, roams the world.

Community involvement[edit]

As of July 2008, Phrixus had taken a break from the local furry community due to too much work, but could usually be found on FurryMUCK or the #GryphonGuild IRC channel. He has developed the multi-site notification app FurST. Other than that, his only other community activity seems to include stalking dragons and overcommissioning artists in an attempt to help them survive. He is also a relentless fan of Likeshine, who rarely gets to keep any of her Likeshine art due to Phrixus buying it, sometimes before she has even drawn it.

Daniel Borgshammar[edit]

Daniel is a Swedish person who grew tired of the depressing environment of what he refers to as "Old Europe" and the stresses of everyday gray life, so he moved to enjoy everyday gray life in New Zealand. He spends most of his time writing a novel, working for TelstraClear, programming, riding motorbikes and hanging out with Zarathus and other friends.

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