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Phoenix's_Requiem (born July 27, 1991 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada),[citation needed] is a fursuiter who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Phoenix's_Requiem, or Phoenix for short, discovered the furry fandom during the anime convention Otafest in Calgary, Alberta in 2010. She documented some of the convention while following some of the locals. Having known of Temperance for the previous two years, she finally decided to talk to her, and was directed to the Alberta Furries forum. Upon returning home, she researched and fully discovered the furry fandom, the good and the bad. She felt an instant connection with multiple people amongst those on Alberta Furries and soon chose her fursona shortly after.


Phoenix's Requiem's fursona is a female wolf


In early June 2010, Phoenix began commissioning a local artist Temperance for a fullsuit. To begin with, she had no clue what to choose as a fursona, but it quickly became apparent. After talking on and off with another local furry, Kiba, she decided to take the plunge into the wolf family. It welcomed her with open arms. She soon was adopted into a small family within the wolf community, comprised of Talon and Kiba, two local Alberta furries.

After coming up with a design for the face tattoos on her suit, she decided something was missing. It was then that the feather tattoo was added to her hip to signify her close relation to birds, in specific, the phoenix.

The suit was finished fairly quickly, as it had been specifically commissioned for another local anime convention, Animethon. She received it fairly close to her birthday.

The suit made its debut at Animethon, and amidst comments of "Okami!" and "Ammy!" It was well received and easily distinguished as a relation[clarify] to Kiba's suit.

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