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Phil Geusz (born 1961) is a furry author, working primarily in the transformation-story sub-genre. He's best known for his work in the The Blind Pig (TBP) storyverse, as well as for his books Transmutation Now!, The First Book of Lapism, Freedom City, Manifest Destiny, Wine of Battle, A Left-Handed Sword, Descent, Resisting Arrest, Spur, the David Birkenhead series, and Corpus Lupus. His TBP story Graduation Day appeared in the landmark anthology Best in Show, edited by Fred Patten; he also wrote the introduction to the transformation story section of this collection. His short stories appear in several mainstream collections. Phil is a notably prolific author-- in 2010 alone he sold five novels to three separate publishers. Three of them, the "No Oath Sworn" trilogy, were sold to a mainstream (non-fandom-related) house. Phil also has numerous other publication credits, served as Writing Guest of Honor at RainFurrest 2007 and Writing Special Guest at RainFurrest 2013,[1] and has been nominated several times for the Ursa Major Award. His work has appeared many times on the Ursa Major Recommended Anthropomorphics List.

Within the furry world, Phil's fiction is posted almost exclusively through the Transformation Story Archive and Furry-lit Mailing Lists; he's been active on the TSA since approximately 1996.

Phil also founded the annual TSA-Bash, a sort of minicon for TSA-ers that has been held annually at various locations across the nation since 1998.

In late 2012, Phil became a contributor for the furry site, [adjective][species], writing under the name Rabbit.

Although Phil does not MUCK, he is known simply as Rabbit on the Anthrochat IRC channel #TheZoo. However, he attends and enjoys many furry-cons primarily in the American midwest and south, as time and budget allow. He can most often be found at Mephit Furmeet, in his home state of Tennessee, which he considers his "home con". He has served as Writing Track Coordinator for numerous cons, and immensely enjoys chairing panels and working with other furry authors at these events. Phil is divorced, and is retired from a major automobile manufacturer.


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