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Phantom tail syndrome is the furry equivalent to supernumerary phantom limb syndrome, a condition where the affected individual believes and receives sensory information from limbs of the body that do not actually exist, and never have existed.

Cultural use[edit]

Phantom tail syndrome is used[citation needed] amongst the furry, therian and otherkin communities to describe feeling limbs associated with their specific theriotype or kintype, such as tails, wings, paws, etc.

Some Fursuiters have reported the same symptoms, specially after the removal of their suits.[1][2]

The person with phantom tail syndrome will feel a particular extra animal extremity as if it was present.[3] There are sufferers[who?] who sometimes report losing the feeling of these extra parts, sometimes by choice.[clarify][citation needed] Some sufferers only experience the sensation briefly or occasionally, rather than it being constantly present.[citation needed]


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