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Border collie fursuit

Petorawolf, also known as Pet, is a furry who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Petorawolf has been a variety of canidae since originally joining FurryMUCK as Lockheed in 1993. As of July, 2008, he is a border collie, which accurately reflects his constant must-be-doing-something nature he has in real life.

Convention involvement

Petorawolf assisted at Further Confusion 2000 as GOH Liaison, and is usually the social organizer of occasional dinners during cons.

Furry hobbies

Petorawolf is a builder of fursuits. He also writes the occasional story (which are rarely given out beyond the intended audience, or written under a pen name), and he enjoys traveling to see furries in as foreign of lands as possible.

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