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Author(s) Owner / Admin: Puppy Firelyte
Launch date Feb 26th 2009
End date April 15th 2012
Genre imageboard
Web NC-17

PetiChan was an imageboard running KusabaX, where visitors can view, post, fap, and proceed with their day to a variety of different topics and fetishes. PetiChan prides itself on giving a home to artwork and subject matter marginalized or banned on many imageboards.


PetiChan started as a side project with only 13 boards, made for friends of Puppy to share images. Roughly 3 months after creation, PetiChan was posted to 4chan's /y/-Yaoi board where it became a publicly known (yet still very small) imageboard. Since that time, PetiChan has added and modified the board structures and now has 39 total boards, including the sub-boards listed at the top of /sm/ and /loli/. Since 2009 PetiChan has continued to grow, despite copyright dispute troubles resulting in 9 webhost switches, and now boasts a sizable community.

On November 23rd, 2011, Puppy split 3D artwork out of Drawn Pr0nz and created a separate section with dedicated boards for 3D artwork. While 3D artwork has expanded to its own section due to popularity.


On April 15th, 2012, the site suddenly went down. Eleven days after, Mako, moderator of the former PetiChan, open a thread in U-18Chan:

As of last week, PetiChan is on hiatus and probably permanently. I'd like to be able to tell people what happened, but I don't really know myself. The admin went dark, took down the site, and has blocked all communications off from myself and other friends. No reason why. We weren't suspended, he doesn't appear to be vanned or dead, and no fight or conflict happened between the staff and him.


Two months after in the same thread, he said:
>Either way, I honestly do hope PetiChan comes back one day. We'll just have to wait and see though

Eh, doesn't look like it. The admin is alive and well but just isn't speaking to anyone. So I'm set to assume it's gone for good, which sucks. Hopefully one day I can get a copy of the backup, had a decent chunk of content only crossposted to petichan but not saved to my HDD.


—Mako [1]


As of December 1st 2011, PetiChan contains 39 boards over 5 sections:

Regular Boards consist of boards whose threads are moderated on a 'per case' basis

Drawn Pr0nz consists of NSFW hentai related porn, including dedicated guro boards


Furry Pr0nz consists of NSFW furry related porn, including dedicated cub boards

3D Pr0nz consists of 3D renders of the specified subjects.

Puppy made a post in /dis/ calculating the existence of 3 hidden boards outside those knowledgeable by the site menu or sub-boards.[2]


Though PetiChan has attempted to keep an open policy and not place restrictions on legal content. Due to copyright claims was forced to add a DNP


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