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Perri Rhoades (born April 3, 1962), also known as Perri Prinz, is a furry fan originally from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She is the author of the Spectral Shadows web serial. She is a collector of children's books, records, and animation with a furry theme, and other memorabilia, much of it dating back many decades before the existence of furry fandom as we know it.

She was also the operator of Club Xanadu on Second Life, until it disappeared along with the rest of Rainbow Wood Island. Which Perri believes to have had something to do with a Second Life furry porn company called Peach Fuzz who wanted to use the Xanadu name. Perri has since reopened her club in a new location under the name "Green Meadow Lands Ballroom" to avoid further conflict with Peach Fuzz. For a short period of time GML was closed down, until it was eventually reopened under the new name "The Vinyl Museum".


Her character Perry Rhoades, an English Spaniel, is one of the central protagonists of Spectral Shadows. Her other character, Perri Prinz, also known as Hunny Bunny, is a kani bunny on Second Life that also appears in Spectral Shadows.

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