Pepper Artful & Shiacoft Moorhen

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The Band[edit]

Pepper & Shia's Album Cover

Pepper Artful & Shiacoft Moorhen are two furries that made their debut by performing live shows around the Second Life grid. Although they have taken their musical talent away from the computer and have played for live audiences, they seem to be gathering quite a following in a fan group for their performances online.

They have played at venues such as:

Starting their musical debut a bit late in their college semester, the two found themselves being separated after the ending college year. Though this separation isn't permanent and they plan on coming back for more shows this upcoming school year when they are back together. The band has a growing list of clubs and venues already lined up to play at for the new performance year.

About the shows[edit]

The shows can be simply described as the following (The following paragraph was used as an encouragement for the people of Second Life to come to the shows)

Join Pepper and Shiacoft for a night of music, comedy, and improvisation. Listen to the accoustic versions of Pepper and Shia's music, interspersed with their comedic ramblings, audience interaction, and whatever else comes of the tops of their heads! All are welcome! Check it out!

Band Members[edit]

  • Peppercoyote (Second Life name Pepper Artful) - Vocals, Guitar, Part Time Comedian
  • Shiacoft Moorhen - Backup Vocals, Bass, Part Time Comedian

External Links[edit]

  • [1] — Pepper's Fur Affinity page (Has all of the original songs usually performed at shows)