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David Hopkins, also known as Pepe Val Pew or Drip Rat, is a furry artist widely known for his online web comic Jack. His initial leap to recognition was through the ultra-violent comic Rework the Dead, a militaristic take on the zombie-invasion theme.

He resides in Lakewood, Washington with his wife Katie, two cats (Lucifer and Minion) and a ferret named Farrago.

David was the guest of honor at Conifur Northwest 2005. He was a guest of honor at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012.[1]


In his early career in the field of webcomics, David was known as the furry artist who did heavily violent and gory furry artwork. This changed in part with what was to be Jack's third story arc, although it was the first one publicly available. The story was called "Trixi and Tet" and told the story of Tet, as he dealt with the sickness of his wife Trixi, and her eventual death. This, along with the second story arc named "Angry Brian" seemed to set the extremes that David Hopkins' would go to in his artwork.

Prior to Jack, David worked on Rework The Dead, a two-part comic which dealt with a story line and backstory not entirely unlike the video game Resident Evil or the Living Dead movies (except that Rework The Dead is far more militaristic). Where Rework The Dead dealt with violent warfare, Jack deals more with philosophical issues and questions. While not considered canon to the Jack storyline, David has said he will remake this comic so that it can be considered canon.

David co-created the comics Cliff (with Roz Gibson) and Long Island (with Katie) and wrote the novel When Summer Woke, released in June 2008.[2]


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