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Pendzez "Panda-Zaz" Zazkex [Formerly Pendzez Zazkex and Panda-Zaz, now Danny Panolf (born 25th November 1992) is a gay christian who lives in Tasmania, Australia. His fursona is a Giant Panda/arctic wolf hybrid. He was born in Newcastle, NSW, but moved to Tasmania in January 2002. The name Pendzez Zazkex was originated in mid-August 2006 as just a character with the same name for a play-by-post RPG Ramath-Lehi. He adapted the name to another play-by-post RPG, Souls RPG (previously known as Bleeding-Souls), in September 2008. He found out about the fandom later in February 2009, becoming interested in that, using the character name as his fursona name.

Life in Ramath-Lehi[edit]

When Pendzez Zazkex was a character in Ramath-Lehi, he was a Pendragon with a mysterious crest shaped like the sun. He was a treasure hunter while also a student at Janardan Academy. Ramath-Lehi was pretty much the start of Pendzez and the Zazkexs. In Ramath-Lehi, he had a little sister, Flayra Zazkex, a cousin, Gyr'taan Rylio, and a father, Koexar Zazkex.

After joining SoulsRPG, he's been inactive on Ramath-Lehi, but still drops by here and there to check on things.

Life in SoulsRPG[edit]

In SoulsRPG, Pendzez was changed to an arctic wolf with a pure white pelt. His story then was that he was born in a pack tribe while his parents were traveling. The pack believed that a wolf born there with a pure white pelt was considered a sacred being, to them a Spirit King. Pendzez was born there while his parents were seeking refugee from a blizzard. The pack blessed him and made him a deity, his body harbored the Higher Spirit's soul, that the spirits were in the form of butterflies in the world of the living.

Flayra returns in Souls as his sister. Pendzez his mated to a wolfess, Xeris, and has three pups (Xion de Heritage, Carwyn Zazkex and Delwyn Zazkex). Pendzez is still active on Souls, but struggles sometimes to keep his character and Flayra on the pack ranks.

Fursona life[edit]

As "Pendzez Zazkex/Pand-Zaz/Danny Panolf"

Pendzez's fursona is a giant panda/arctic wolf hybrid, originally a full arctic wolf. However, after confusion with the nickname Panda, he changed his fursona, making him a panda/wolf hybrid, or a polf, to make things a bit easier for other people. He still retains his platinum hair with gold streaks, and red eyes. Pendzez still has a white wolf body, only changes are that he has the same black fur as a panda and has a taste for bamboo. He still role-plays as an arctic wolf in most RPs.

Nowadays, Pendzez has been in other RPs, including Muushi, Furry Den, and F-list, also private ones.

Pendzez has not attended any furry conventions, but has thoughts of attending the MiDfur in Melbourne, the FurJAM in Sydney, and the FurDU in Brisbane, eventually the AnthroCon in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.

He became a Resident of Second Life in January 2010, but didn't start playing it until the end of May 2010.

In mid-November 2011, he changed the of his fursona to something more simple, Danny Panolf.

Current life[edit]

Born a Catholic, Pendzez didn't really come to know God til after he was pulled out of Primary School half way through Year 6 and placed in a Christian School.

Currently 18 years old, Pendzez is studying an IT course at the Tasmanian Polytechnic Launceston City Campus.

In his free time, he plays video games and watches a lot of movies, and listens to J-Rock, the Metals, electronica, and EBM.

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