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Peking lives in Helsinki, Western Finland. Peking is quite new among finnish furry fandom, she has held 2 big furry gathering topping over 23 people in her first early years. Her interests include handicraft work and her speciality is realistic plushies.


Peking aka Peking Snowfur has 3 fursonas:

  • Frostfur, Frostfur is a feral snowleopard which has back stripes almost like a kingcheetah has. refsheet
  • Icefur, Icefur is a feral japanese akita which has a flower tattoo on its forelegs. refsheet
  • Whitefur, Whitefur is a arctic fox which can transform into anthro and non-anthro form. refsheet

Alternate nicks[edit]

  • Pekingin_ankka (Old not used anymore)
  • Peking (currently in use), found in in #turri
  • Peking snowfur

Furry art[edit]

Peking has 2 main art galleries where she presents her handicrafts and modern art. Her Furaffinity gallery resides here and her DeviantArt gallery here


Peking started making her first fursuit same year as [User:Kisu|Kisu] started on his lioness suit. Although the lack of interest for fullsuits discontinued the project. Her first fursuit was to be an Akita and at the point it was discontinued only the gloves, shoes and head part was missing.

Convention attendance[edit]

  • Eurofurence 13 (Participated on artshow with her plushie handicrafts)
  • Eurofurence 14 (Had her handicrafts and art sale in dealers den and participated on the artshow)

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