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PeaceWolf, also referred to as Peace the White Wolf, or simply as Peace, is a Christian female Fursuit Maker, Fursuiter, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Gamer who lives in Oklahoma, USA.

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PeaceWolf 4.0 Fursuit
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Art by Tsebresos


Peace's fursona is a pure white arctic wolf with a blue peace symbol on her chest. Her eyes are blue, and she wears two articles of clothing - a black and blue fedora, and a collar with a cross tag. Her eyes and peace sign will turn from blue to red when she is angry or upset. PeaceWolf's fursona was created in 2011, and her first fursuit was created in 2013. Her fursuit has undergone a total of 4 revisions by PeaceWolf Creations.

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In real life, Peace is an IT Professional, Animal Rescue volunteer, and married wife.

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