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Pawz FM
Your favorite train wreck of a podcast!
Host(s) Volk Zadovsky, Pixel Fox, Ironwolf.
Website (defunct)
Update schedule Once a month update
Genre Furry discussion and news

Pawz FM was a monthly furry podcast hosted, edited, and produced by Volk Zadovsky, Pixel Fox, and Ironwolf (who the rest of the show calls Robbie, much to his dismay). Special guests included close friends of the hosts such as rising artist Orangy and musician Makarn.

Typical Show[edit]

The show covered different stories and subjects in the first half and then had a "main topic" in the second half of the show. The hosts cited inspiration from people such as Clawcast, Anthropod, and Matthew Ebel, a.k.a. Hali of Firpine. Users could contribute to the site by submitting things they wanted to hear, such as the sites top contributor, MorUth, with his contributions including money, praise and show topics.

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