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Paws Up Radio
PUR Logo.png
Just tune in and PUR!
Host(s) Various
Launch date October 2010
End Date May 2018?
Genre Variety

Paws Up Radio was an Internet radio station originally based in Second Life that was owned and operated by furries.


Paws Up Radio was founded in October of 2010 by Anora Peart, Buzzard Schuman, and Inferniel Solvang. From 2010 until it went offline, Paws Up Radio was licensed and legally recognized as an internet radio station under Canadian law. Since its early days, PUR partnered with the Xana Broadcasting Network, running simulcasts of Furcast and Friday Night Tech whenever the shows were airing.

In both 2012 and 2013, Paws Up Radio performed live at Fernando's Cafe during Anthrocon. Furlaxation was later chosen as their home convention.

In July of 2014, Wren Mikita became one of the four owners of Paws Up Radio. Shortly after, PUR underwent several renovations; the website and mobile app were updated, the station began to recruit more DJs, and the range of programming offered became much wider. [1]

On May 30, 2018 both the website and broadcast went down. A Facebook post by Anora states that a lack of funds caused the station to cease function. A tweet from the Paws Up Radio Twitter account seems to confirm that the station is offline indefinitely.

In a Twitter post dated January 9, 2021, Paws Up Radio announced that they were now under new ownership, and that more details would be released soon. [2] As of February 2024, no further details have been provided.


Paws Up Radio offered a wide range of music, from DJs that played only rave or EDM music to DJs that focused primarily on rock.


As of September 2016, Paws Up Radio had 22 furries on its staff.[3]


  • Anora Peart - Co-Owner, Public Relations, Advertisements
  • Buzzard Schuman - Co-Owner, Tech Support, Forum Admin, Auto Dragon Handler
  • Crash the Jackal - Assistant Director of Personnel
  • Fox - Productions, Variety DJ, Tech Support, Head of Operations
  • Inferniel Solvang - Co-Owner, Webmaster, Tech Support, Forum Admin, Variety DJ
  • Maddoxx - Events Coordinator, Surveys, Variety DJ
  • Panboy - Tech Support
  • Sasha DarkCloud - Advertisements, Productions
  • Coleslaw "Side Dish" Loon - Public Relations, Rock DJ
  • Wren Mikita - Co-Owner, Head of Operations, Variety DJ



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