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Author(s) Owners: otf
Launch date September 13, 2007
End Date Ongoing
Genre imageboard
Censor NC17 button.png (formerly is an imageboard based on the 2ch style art community, where users can request and post furry related images.

Though hosted in Russia, is an English-speaking board. Mascot done by Krezz Karavan.


[edit] History

Former Logo 2007 - 2009
Former Logo 2009 - 2011

On 19 December, 2008 was restarted after the database loss on December 12th. The image board also was updated to Kusaba 1.1.0 at the same time. March, 2010 has changed it's domain name to

[edit] Mascot's mascot introduced a new mascot for the site on 2009. Said character is still unnamed (August 2009).

[edit] DNP list has a DNP (Do Not Post) list as of 2010:

  • Heathen City: Alex Vance asked them to delete it
  • Anything by Omega Ltd. (like Dragon Heat)
  • Art from Incontinent Student Bodies
  • Art by Artdecade (or at least content from his paysite, Artdecade Monthly: Artdecade is a mod on the boards
  • Anything that involves scat (feces, urine)
  • Anything from the Palcomix VIP section, Mobius Unleshed, and any other paysite in which Krezz Karavan is affilated: Krezz Karavan is a mod.
  • Anything produced by Onta (such as HardBlush site images) that are not approved by Onta for distribution: Onta is a mod.
  • Rukis' "Cruelty" 6 non-free porn pages: because the admin (bartimaeus) has "really enjoyed it".
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[edit] Boards

As of 2011 October 9, the site contains 13 boards:

Otf is moderator only in /aws/ and does not read other boards. Moderation seems to allow trolling. Due to numerous flooding of the boards with spam due to claims of the mods not being around. Re Captacha has been instated, connection to server has been foggy.

404 bad gateway time out 4/25/12

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