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Dimruthien* VerenLaulaja was born in New Zealand in 1987. She is from Darwin, Australia.

She is a moderator of the Furstralia forums, and the creator and editor of the ANZFurzine.

The making of a furry[edit]

After watching The Lion King for the umpteenth time in 2002, Dimmie googled the movie and came across one of TaniDaReal's websites, and followed it to the ezboard forum known as The Furry Forum. This was her first introduction to the fandom. In February, 2002, she created The Lion King RPG: Outlander's Revenge and it was hugely successful through all 3 of its incarnations, The Lion King RPG 2: Marika's Return and The Lion King RPG 3: Mchinjo Dreams.

Inspired by TaniDaReal, she began to draw and continues with art to this day. She no longer visits The Furry Forum, but still keeps in contact with a selected few of the friends she made there, some of which are the infamous 'MasterDebators', of which she was part, causing relative chaos in the Animal Rights sub-forum. She has long left behind The Lion King fandom and has grown to dislike it on the whole, particularly TLKFAA.

Dimmie has lived in northern Australia for most of her teenage years, becoming one of the few 'NorthFurs' who hail from Darwin, Australia. She spent nearly 2 years in a furry share house known as The Den, in Brisbane, Australia. She returned to Darwin due to health reasons in June, 2007.

She has a passion for body modification and currently has 2 tattoos (one of which was designed by Bingo Dingo) and over 35 piercings. She is an active member of the IAM community on BMEzine.

She is the long-term partner of PsychoSmiley.

She also campaigns for mental health awareness, and operates a support forum for Australians affected by mental health conditions.

Dimruthien BloodSinger[edit]

Dimruthien has been around since 2002, first as a pure white lioness in the image of her alter-ego Albino White-Death. She now takes the form of an anthropomorphic domestic cat (Turkish Angora) with the tail of an arctic wolf (which happens to be larger and more fluffy than she is). She is a shapeshifter and may take the species and gender of any creature that strikes her fancy, though she retains her trademark colours and markings.

She stands at 5'9", with a thick, wavy mane of purple hair that ranges in length from boyishly short to the backs of her knees. From the small of her back to the backs of her thighs, covering the buttocks, a tapering pattern of snow leopard spots adorns otherwise snowy fur. She also has a set of four turquoise stripes on her right shoulder, and a matching set on the left which is a series of scars.

She has a series of piercings that match the ones of her human-self, which are ever-changing and evolving.

Felupus Shapus[edit]

The Felupus Shapus is the creation, and species, of Dimruthien VerenLaulaja. The Felupus Shapus is a feline/canine creature with the ability to shapeshift, however this ability has limits. When the Felupus changes its forms, it retains all of its original colours and markings. A Felupus can also change its gender.

A genetic defect causes the Felupus to have some degree of mental illness or instability. These illnesses can range from depression and anxiety, to identity disorders, schizophrenia and psychosis.

A Felupus is generally brightly coloured, such as Dimruthien's white and bright purple.

The Others[edit]

Dimruthien has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Depending on her mood, her form switches to one of the creatures known as the Others. These Others inhabit her mind and under the right circumstances, they break free. They are aware of each other, but don't necessarily like each other.


Chimaera is a large beast with three heads on a singular body. The middle head is of a snow leopard. The left is that of a hurrok (horse/hawk) and the right is that of a rat. Her body is similar to that of a conventional lycanthrope with wide hips and a animalistic hindquarters. She is heavily muscled.

Her fur ranges from a dark olive green to an almost metallic grey. She has black snow leopard spots over her hindquarters, and the scales of her tail are mottled with the same colouration as her body.

Her genitalia is explicitly strange. Set low between her legs are 3 vulvas in a fan-like formation. Set above the central vulva is a human subincised penis. Her vulvas each have horizontal clitoral hood piercings, the balls of the barbells have slave rings and are joined to the piercing on the next vulva. The central vulva has an isabella piercing, as well as a fourchette. Her penis featured a lorum piercing, as well as a halfadravya. A pair of dydoe piercings are also present, one on each side of the halfadravya.

Chimaera takes over the body of Dimruthien in periods of extreme, uncontrollable anger. She is ruthless and dangerous.

SweetEcstasy by Dimruthien

SuloinenEkstaasi (SweetEcstasy)[edit]

Ekstassi is a greyscale version of Dimruthien with black hair. She is often seen with cuffs around her ankles and wrists, often accompanied by a spreader bar, and a black leather collar fastened with a padlock. She appears in moments of fear, depression or emotional coldness. She is the only one of the Others to retain the appearance of Dimruthien even slightly.

Verenhimo (BloodLust)[edit]

Verenhimo is a black berkshire rat. She is the more controlled form of anger and bloodlust found in Chimaera. Calculating and sadistic, she is small, but deadly. Verenhimo is the only one of the Others to not gain control very easily. She is rarely seen, and this makes her all the more dangerous.

Miscellaneous characters[edit]

Priscilla Squirrel by Korth

Priscilla Squirrel[edit]

Priscilla is a rainbow coloured cross-dressing squirrel who gets his name from the Australian movie, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. He is a flamboyant drag queen with a love for bright colours, feathers, sequins and rainbows.

Chimaera Gray[edit]

Although sharing a first name with the formidable Other, Chimaera Gray is a sweet tempered Snow Leopard with a spiralled horn sprouting from her forehead. She has a large pair of white wings and is often seen in black ball gowns and other elegant gothic fashion.


In Cheshire Cat style, Kaos is a floating cat eyes, nose and savage grin. Unlike the Cheshire Cat, Kaos is extremely dangerous. Her partner is 'smiley' form of PsychoSmiley.

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