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Pauli Kidd
Real name Pauli Jayne Kidd
Other names Patpahootie
Born 1963
Birth place Australia
Residence Greater Perth, Australia
Profession or hobby Writer, film and television screenwriter, game designer, fursuiter, dancer
Character species Hymenopus coronatus
Convention GoH ConFurence East, FurWAG, MiDFur

Pauli Kidd, full Pauli Jayne Kidd, also known as Patpahootie, formerly as Paul Kidd (nee Paul James Kidd; born 1963), is a Australian professional writer, film and television screenwriter, game designer, fursuiter, and dancer.


An author from Perth, Australia,[1] her fascination with Japanese culture and martial arts began back in the '60s as she watched the adventures of Shintaro the Samurai on TV, which made Japanese history her lifelong passion.

Pauli is a 20-year student of the Katori Shinto Ryu, one of the oldest surviving schools of samurai fighting and tactical arts. She is also a student of kendo, jukendo, and tankendo. She is also a researcher into Japanese magic, legend, and occultism.

She is also a co-designer of the Monogatari roleplaying game produced American Tabletop roleplaying game developer [[W:Chaosium Inc.|Chaosium. Amongst her 40 or so novels in print is the Spirit Hunters series, which follows the adventures of a group of would-be monster hunters in medieval Japan.

Her video game journalism channel, Lace and Steel is hosted on YouTube.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Pauli Kidd was a guest of honor at ConFurence East 1996, Anthrocon 2000, MiDFur X, and FurWAG 2013. She was scheduled as a guest for Further Confusion 2011, but had to cancel due to visa issues.[2]

Issues with the Australian furry fandom[edit]

In 2021, Pauli Kidd announced her break up with the Australian furry fandom due to it being "too toxic".[3]

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) GoH


Pauli Kidd has created several literary works such as Fangs of K'aath and its sequel, Guardians of Light, The Rats of Acomar, and A Whisper of Wings, among others. Kitsune Press is Pauli's self-publishing venture.[4] She has also created several non-furry works, including graphic novels, live film, animation, and games (both computer and otherwise).

Pauli's other works include the novel Fey, and Spooky and Tinkle (a comic drawn by Tamara Carmichael). She contributed to Rowrbrazzle until issue #59 (Oct 1998), when she resigned over the actions of Marc Tucker.[5] Circa 2005 to 2011 Paul's website said "we are preparing a short animated film" based on Tank Vixens comics,[6][7] but is unclear if the short was ever completed.



Title Year released Year produced Company Genre Theme Job/Role Notes
Tank Vixens short 19XX?  ? pureHUBRIS Cartoon  ? Writer incomplete?


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