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Paul Banta (born December 23, 1962)[1] is a barepawed furry artist from Hatfield, Pennsylvania[1], U.S.A.

Furry since 1998, Banta is no longer as active as he once was in the furry community, scaling back his involvement in early 2008 due to work hours and job responsibilities.[1]

Banta has had several online characters,[2] include Dendweller (a non-anthro |Brown Bear)[3] and Byzantyn (a sleek black-and-gold dragon with red wings). He also had a secondary werewolf fursona named Sessaywolf.[4] Banta sometimes appeared as in fursuit as Sessaywolf at conventions, including Anthrocon and Megaplex.

Despite having a reduced online presence, Banta has retained his "Byzantyn" avatar on LiveJournal, and still spends time on Tapestries MUCK.


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