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Patrol 03 is a French animated television series that debuted in 1997. The plot centres around a trio of anthropomorphic animal police officers called Shorty, Wilfred and Carmen; who solve crimes in the city of Los Diablos as "Patrol 03" - most of the police force considers them a joke and looks them down due to the minor assignments they get and their broken-down patrol car. The main villains of the show are the power-hungry Police Chief Pamela Bondani, who wants to become the town's mayor, and her assistant Professor Molo. The two are always trying to take over the city using various schemes while Bondani assigns Patrol 03 with various meaningless tasks to keep them out of the way.

List of characters[edit]

  • Shorty - A basset hound, and one of the three protagonists. He is the de facto leader of the trio. His body is so elastic that it can even stretch to a certain degree.
  • Wilfred - A large rat, and the second protagonist. Because of his unusually large size and strength, he serves as the brawn of the trio.
  • Carmen - A wheelchair bound arctic fox, and the third protagonist. Her wheelchair contains built-in gadgets, which help the trio in their adventures.
  • Police Chief Pamela Bondani - A cat, and the primary antagonist of the show. She is the corrupt head of the police department, driven by her ambition to gain more and more power over the city of Los Diablos. This is why she secretly forged an alliance with the criminal scientist Molo whom she has released from prison (due to the Warden owing her a favour), who comes up with nefarious schemes for his new boss. She has a talent for cleaning after her tracks, and keeps her illegal activities a secret from everyone else. Patrol 03 is aware of her true nature but doesn't have evidence against her, so they play along and pretend they do not know about her involvement with Molo.
  • Professor Molo - A mole, the secondary antagonist. He is a mad scientist and genius, and comes up with new and new schemes for Bondani, but these are constantly thwarted by Shorty, Wilfred and Carmen. He can create various monstrous creatures from ordinary insects, which is why during his prison term a guard was assigned to swat even flies that'd fly into his cell.
  • Mayor Alexander Walrus - A walrus. He is the mayor of the city of Los Diablos, a just man with a weakness in maintaining his public image. He has a rather demanding wife. Having long suspected Bondani's corruption, he enlisted Shorty, Carmen and Wilfred to go undercover within the police department with the purpose of stopping whatever Bondani is plotting and to find a way to expose her.
  • Snap - A crocodile. He is the city mechanic, and the mastermind behind many of the inventions that Carmen, Shorty and Wilfred use. Much to Carmen's discomfort, he has a crush on her and would often try to impress her with his inventions, and flirt with her. Fortunately for him, she is kind enough to reward him with a kiss on the cheek for his success, which usually leads him to break down in amorous ways.

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