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Paroapockinroo, also known as Moth (Katie Stiles, born February 3rd 1997)[1] is a freelance illustrator from Columbus, Ohio who has been an active member within the furry fandom since joining in roughly 2012.

Their primary fursona is Moth Whitetail, an androgynous whitetail deer with a distinct honey or palomino colored coat as well as heart-shaped detailing on the inner ears.[2]


Within the fandom, they are primarily an artist who is known for both digital and traditional anthropomorphic and babyfur-themed artwork, though they also specialize in mostly-traditional fantasy and surrealist watercolor paintings and mixed media illustrations. Outside of being a furry artist they are also an avid commissioner, convention-goer, and fursuiter as well.

Lilac The Maiasaura at Morphicon 2015[3]


Moth has previously been seen fursuiting in personally constructed fursuit(s):

Lilac - A fleece, toony-style, partial fursuit of Moth's previous / original fursona upon joining the fandom. She is a brown and tan Maiasaura with lavender flower-shaped markings that go down her tail; a Dinotopia original character, first debuted at Ohayocon 2015 and Morphicon 2015.

Furry conventions attended[edit]

During and prior to their involvement in the furry fandom, Moth has also attended anime conventions as well as other various sub-culture conventions mostly within the mid-west. Listed here are the furry conventions they have attended since joining the fandom:


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