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Paroapockinroo, also known as Moth or Katie Stiles, (born February 3rd 1997)[1] is a freelance illustrator from Columbus, Ohio who has been an active member within the furry fandom since joining in roughly 2012.

Her fursona is Moth Whitetail, a whitetail deer with a distinct honey or palomino colored coat as well as heart-shaped detailing on the inner ears.[2]


Within the fandom, she is primarily an artist who is known for both her digital and traditional anthropomorphic illustrations, reference sheets, and babyfur-themed artwork, though she also specializes in mostly-traditional fantasy and surrealist watercolor paintings and mixed media fine art illustrations. Outside of being a furry artist though she is also an avid commissioner, convention-goer, and fursuiter as well.

Lilac The Maiasaura at Morphicon 2015[3]


Katie currently owns two fursuits, both of which she constructed herself:

Moth - A realistic-style partial fursuit of Katie's current fursona, constructed using a Dream Vision Creations foam deer base head.

Lilac - A fleece, toony-style, partial fursuit of Katie's previous / original fursona upon joining the fandom. She is a brown and tan Maiasaura with lavender flower-shaped markings that go down her back and tail; first debuted at Ohayocon 2015 and Morphicon 2015.

Furry conventions attended[edit]

During and prior to her involvement in the furry fandom, Katie has also attended annual anime conventions as well as others within the mid-west. Listed here are the furry conventions she has attended since joining the fandom:


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