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a sketch of Paolo's fursona, a monkey

"Paolo" (Born 1988) is a U.S. furry artist residing in Chicago, Illinois who focuses almost exclusively on anthropomorphic pinups of peripubescent males. Paolo is polyamorous and lives with his non-furry husband.[1]


His fursona is a monkey.[2]


Paolo has contributed to the fandom under various pseudonyms since the late nineties, but only debuted publicly as an artist when he created a FurAffinity account in 2008. He attributes his initial interest in the fandom to the art of Fel, Greenmonkey, and Fennec,[3] as well as furry-themed MUDs. He accredits his own artistic style to inspiration from Japanese comic books, primarily the genre "shotacon,"[citation needed]. So far, Paolo's works have been largely homoerotic in nature.

Community Involvement[edit]

Paolo has expressed interest in creating an online furry art circle and even did so briefly with fellow furry artists Narffet, INoby, Keglunek, and coder BearPatrol under the domain name in 2009. However, a lack of free time kept him from maintaining the webspace, and the project was postponed indefinitely. Even so, Paolo has since said that he "would still very much like to build a web space in the spirit of Verrocchio's workshop or Cormon's studio where a few like-minded furry artists could gather, collaborate, and address their fans in a familiar and entertaining way for free or otherwise. The experience would be very much fan-driven."[citation needed]

Paolo does not commonly attend conventions, but he will occasionally collaborate with circuit runners to sell his prints abroad.

Miscellaneous facts[edit]

Paolo is an educator by profession. His non-furry interests include surfing, linguistics, and console gaming. His preferred art tools include Photoshop, SAI, and Wacom Intuos models.


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