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PanzerschreckLeopard is a person whose characters include a Happy Tree Friends fan character named Panther.

Laya as depicted by TwiliGravity.

Laya Iosifovna Eateric (Лайа Иосифовна Этерик) is a fictional, female snow leopard created by PanzerschreckLeopard. She is the third character he has created, and is the most used of his characters. She was created around April or May 2008.Her age was originally portrayed as 20 years old, but currently, she is played as 36. Her surname was intended to sound Russian, but also "A bad pun on her vore habits."

Background & Personality[edit]

Laya was born in the Himalaya mountains, thus her name. Even since her birth, her parents had taken concern about her eating habits--she would eat as much as them! They tried to feed her normal sized meals for a while, but she only seemed to starve, so they had to hunt more to provide for her. Otherwise, she seemed normal.

We she was 16, she had a life turning tragedy: poachers, after their skins, killed both her parents right in front of her. She barely escaped, and has loathed human hunters since. Devastated, she left her home and spent years traveling through Europe, during which she became a quad-lingual, learning to speak French, German, and English. Her German and English are without accent, but her French still leaves much to be desired. When she was 20, she moved to the United States, and met a blue dog named Sparky. Both later had a daughter named Sandra. Currently, she is 37 and Sandra is 17.

Laya is a rather friendly cat, and likes to tease. One of her favorite methods of mental torture is dressing as Eduard Khil, and following people while singing "Trololo" non-stop for hours on end. Naturally, food is one of the things she loves most. Of course, she loves her family and friends more than anyone else. Laya is also bisexual.


Laya has two physical defects. The first is her digestive tract, meaning she actually has very little intestine, and her stomach is much larger to take up the space. The larger stomach means she gets hungrier,faster, and she must eat more to feel full. This is a also an important factor in her voring habits. The lack of intestine means that she doesn't digest nearly as well, so she MUST eat huge amounts to survive. Among those who've met her, Laya is known for being a major vorarephile. She prefers soft vore, as she likes to talk to and feel those within her, which is also why she prefers same-size vore.


Panther the Pumapard, on right, with his lover, Panzerschreck the Black Leopard. Drawn by their creator.

Panther the Pumapard (Cougar/leopard hybrid) is a ficticious, Happy Tree Friends fan character created by PanzerschreckLeopard. (DeviantART name. On Happy Tree Friends message board, PanzerschreckLeopard goes by Pershing.) He was originally intended to be an HTF style cougar version of his creator, but eventually decided against both species and representing himself, and made Panther a Pumapard fan character instead. He named him Panther because "both Leopards and Cougars are known as "Panthers" in their respective areas." Panther's age is roughly equivalent to that of a 29 year old human. His appearance is a yellowish-brown, with leopard rosettes/spots, and, because he is part cougar, has slightly longer legs than most others, which can be seen in the drawing. He is one of PanzerschreckLeopard's most developed characters.

Statistics on Panther:

Name: Panther (Surname has not yet been decided.)

Species: Pumapard

Gendar: Male

Origin: United States

Human Age Equivalent: 29 years

Loves: Panzerschreck, a black leopard

Children: 2 (1 male, named Alex; 1 female, named Tara)

Weight: 155 pounds

Current death count: Probably 5-ish

Current kill count: Probably 8

Panther is extremely quick to rage when encountering animal abusers, especially those abusing cats. If he is enraged enough, his epinephrine levels can reach dangerously high levels, which has killed him once. He does tend to *kill* the abusers, though, often injuring himself in the process.

Panther's main occupation is teaching biology at a local High School, and sometimes at the nearby college. He is quite serious, although he does try to keep thing from being a total bore.

He is also a fanatical fan of Steven Spielberg's 1971 film "Duel."

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