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Paco Panda's Fursona

Panda Paco [1](born Jan 19) is a Mexican furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco.[1] His fursona is a giant panda. Paco has been a panda since he was 9, but he discovered the furry fandom in 2007.

Art and style[edit]

He does specially cub art, mostly clean artwork. His style resembles children's book illustrations with scenes that are characteristically colorful and cheerful.

Paco writes and draws Art & Biro, a webcomic originally in Spanish that has been translated into English, Ukrainian, Portuguese, German, Italian and French "about the friendship between a Raccoon and a Fox".[2]

Paco Panda at Anthrocon 2016


Paco made his own fursuit,[3] which was later revamped by Dorky Dog Suits.[4]


Paco attended Anthrocon 2015, Midwest FurFest 2015, Biggest Little Fur Con 2016 and Anthrocon 2016.


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