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PandaGuy's Picnic, 2003
PandaGuy's Picnic (a/k/a the Panda Bear Picnic) is a large furmeet which took place in the Washington, DC area. It was a three-day event, usually scheduled for the last weekend in September, which ran from at least 2001 to 2005.

The event started Friday night with people arriving for small dinner and gaming meets. On Saturday the day was spent with a trip to the Washington National Zoo, and in the evening a large portion of the group went to Dave & Busters or a Japanese steakhouse, followed up with more gaming and such. Sunday was the main event, the picnic at Glen Echo Park in Glen Echo, Maryland. At its height, the picnic drew around 100 or so furry fans from from up and down the East Coast. In 2004, 70 food tickets were sold for the picnic. In 2005 it was nearly 100, though some people show up who bring their own food.

The organizers of the picnic built up a relationship with the park that allowed them to hold a big artist jam (A.K.A. the sidewalk chalk art jam) and to fursuit in the park all day, to the point that the park expected them there as a part of their calendar. The picnic was held on the last day of the year that the carousel is open, and the park asked the fursuiters to be there all day to help with the official events of the park.

A similar event, Meat And Fire (organized by Graysoul), was held in the spring on the opening day of the carousel.

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