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Pan Hesekiel Shiroi (born September 16)[1] is a professional illustrator and freelance artist from Germany.[1] Her fursona is an angel.[2]

For several years, Pan has been involved in the DoPE Show at Eurofurence:

  • 2007: provider of additional props.
  • 2008: puppeteer (bats, monster), voice actor (Florence, Finlay's daughter, bat couple), designer.
  • 2009: puppeteer (Malika), created graphics for the show's title sequence.
  • 2010: character design and intro illustrations, puppeteer (Mbali).
  • 2011: character design, puppeteer and voice artist (Wan Yun).
  • 2012: puppeteer and voice artist (Octavia).
  • 2013: puppeteer and voice artist (Savannah).
  • 2014: puppeteer and voice artist (Frostwind).

Pan was also a voice actor in Kyo's motion picture Streifen: A Galaxy of bliss. She voiced Idag, a white tigress.

She was a special guest at Mephit Mini Con 15, and in 2014, Pan was the guest of honor at ZodiaCon.[3]


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