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Paleo is a furry fan.


Paleo has a normal anthropomorphic dolphin fursona and an orca fursona. His anthro-dolphin form usually wears a white shirt with an over shirt which he calls his lucky "blue fire shirt." His orca form is a lot different. The orca's eye-patch branches off in four directions. He sometimes shows a demon form of this orca. He portrays this alternate form as a dark side to himself other than the usually kind person he is.

Basic Info[edit]

Paleo's name derives from his usual username: Paleo_Orca. In late 2005, he started to consider himself a part of the furry community. Paleo has an account on deviantART and Fur Affinity.


Before Paleo became a part of the furry community, he would sketch a lot of dinosaurs. Then after he became mainly interested in cetaceans, he started to draw dolphins more often. Once he became familiar with Fur Affinity, he started to draw an anthropomorphic version of himself. Paleo has also started to write often ever since he gained the interest of cetology. Paleo's favorite artist is Wyland, a famous marine life artist. Paleo has met him three times so far and has been able to get Wyland to sign Paleo's original sketchbook.

Art that Paleo usually makes consists of dolphins and whales, as well as other marine life, himself as an orca or anthropomorphic dolphin, dinosaurs or other ancient animals, cartoon marine life and yiffy art usually containing female anthropomorphic dolphins

Cetacean Toons[edit]


Paleo owns a freewebs site that showcases a series of comics called Cetacean Toons. So far there are 165 strips and he has received a few fan e-mails and fan art. He started making these comics in the summer of 2004 and didn't keep a strict schedule of when he made new ones until the fall of 2005. Though the cartoon was originally done with sprites of the characters, he has recently been trying to improve the quality of the comics.

Paleo has yet to continue the series as of September 9th, 2006.

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