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Palcomix is a comic project by several artists, including but not restricted to: BBMBBF, Krezz Karavan and 8Horns.

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The Palcomix website featured an art and discussion forum and its main section (it no longer exists because the files where corrupted), a collection of comics made by the Palcomix team.


Most of Palcomix's comics feature at least mild erotic content, partially including fetishes such as foot-fetish, BDSM, Lolicon, spanking, and cub art. The orientation is usually straight or lesbian. While some comics are directly featured by the Palcomix team and solely created by them, most comics are commissions done for other people. In these cases the given story is drawn and colored by the Palcomix team and released on their website page by page like in a regular webcomic. Most comics are based on American cartoon shows and cannot be considered furry, but some comics are also either base upon furry series (e.g. Road Rovers), or have been created as independent stand-alone furry comics, like Krezz Karavan's "The 5th Phase" and "School Days".

Palcomix also has a VIP section for subscribing members only.

Sister Sites[edit]

Palcomix has several sister sites, also accessible to subscribing members

CD releases[edit]

The Palcomix team has also released CDs containing their comic releases, artwork by the team members (some of the art exclusively done for the CDs), and guest art by different artists. Currently, there are five CDs that have been released, and they can be bought through the Jab Archives store for US$25 each.

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