Palace of Dragons

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The Palace of Dragons was a very popular area on FurryMUCK; a giant floating sky-platform with four "pools" in which players could sit, accompanied by a program by which players could play Truth or Dare (T|D) with each other. The system kept track of the question being asked, dares given, and whether the questions had been answered or dares completed. For most of its existence until its closure in the late 1990s, the Palace of Dragons was one of the more consistently popular hangouts, second only to the West Corner of the Park.

Due to an apparent disagreement with the wizards on its operation and age-locked status, the Palace of Dragons was eventually shut down and moved to Tapestries in the late 1990s. Perhaps the greatest irony is that on Tapestries it gets far less use; by moving to a new MUCK, all the culture that had been built around it evaporated instantly; people were not willing to move to another MUCK to continue enjoying T|D games. However, it has slowly built up an audience in its new location.

There have been several replacements for the Palace of Dragons on FurryMUCK, but none of them have gained any traction; there no longer seems to be a well-known central location to play Truth or Dare on the MUCK.

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