P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy

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P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy
Author(s) Fesworks
Update schedule Irregular
Launch date July, 2006
End Date Continuing
Genre Humor
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P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy is a webcomic by Fesworks. The comic's world is designed and a Human and Furry inhabited world, stemming from co-evolution. The main characters of this comic include Fes (a human representation of Fesworks), Ernst (an albino rat), and Nemi (a "wererabbit" in the simplest terms).

The webcomic starts off with traditional 4th wall breaking by Fes and Ernst as the webcomic develops. Fes and Ernst had always been, what is called, "Novel Aware". This means that these characters know that they ARE characters. Eventually, Nemi enters the main cast and P.S.I. enters The Crossover Wars. She wasn't originally novel aware, but did, eventually, become so.

The Crossover Wars[edit]

The Crossover Wars was a mega, multiple webcomic crossover event that started in 2007, ending in mid 2008. In the Crossover Wars, there was one webcomic group that tried to take over multiple webcomics, to rule over them. One key point about the whole plot of the Wars was "Webcomic Awareness", or "WCA". While like novel awareness, being WCA also meant that the various aspects of The Crossover Wars were also possible, including that authors can actually enter the "reality" of webcomics. It is as though webcomics are a universe reality of their own, or rather a "multi-verse".

Webcomic Awareness is heavily embedded into the core of P.S.I. as a whole. However, only for the main cast. The actual "world" of P.S.I. remains blissfully unaware and scripted.

P.S.I.'s World Setting[edit]

Still to be fully revealed within the comic, The P.S.I. world is not a parallel to Earth. At least, not to date. The world borrows a bit from 2 Way Mirror, and is counted "happened in the past", however this is merely an adaption, and not a full assimilation. As stated, the world of P.S.I. has Humans and Furs, as the reasoning is that ALL of typical Earth land animals had evolved into upright, humanoid beings... not just apes.

Additional information regarding aquatic and aerial creatures has not yet been approached. In light of that, P.S.I. answers a typically taboo question among furry webcomics. While typical "prey" and "predator" animals live together in P.S.I., the actual food source is INSECTS. But not just regular insects, MASSIVE insects. While animals evolved, so did other species of life. Insects essentially evolved into larger versions of themselves, and are the typical "wildlife" of the world. Some beings, however, are vegetarian, and do not eat the insect "animals".

P.S.I. Society and History[edit]

As far as P.S.I.'s "place in time", it really is fairly up-to-date with the real Earth. The major differences are large, historical events that have occurred in the past 2,000 years. While subtle, and mostly unsaid, ALL of the inhabitants of P.S.I. are essentially of Pagan beliefs, though a P.S.I. version of them. More will be revealed in the comic in the future.

Magick exists in the world and some inhabitants are able to use it. However, not many people do. At least, not in blatant ways. There are several magickal items that exist, that people use everyday. One of which being "Comm Crystals", which are essentially magickal crystals that act like cell phones. In the past, however, users of magick were in much greater numbers.

In combination of real Earth history, and the application of powerful magick, it doesn't take long to see how P.S.I.'s world had changed. Magick is power, and power corrupts as populations increase. For the longest time, small communities and even small countries lived fairly simply between one another. Eventually power-hungry leaders desired more and more. Great magickal wars ensued around year 1000, essentially equivalent to the Crusades in real Earth's history, though less about religion. For several hundred years, war ensued here and there, but eventually, the population fell to .05% since year 1000.

Most heavy magick users had been killed off, though a few remain. Given the devastated state of the world and it's people, a new sort of government had been developed. Wars tend to only be small skirmishes, and don't even last that long (i.e. World War I & II never happened, as well as many other wars). World population remains fairly low by real Earth's standards, but various parallels between P.S.I. and the real Earth still happen, but they are more different than the same.

More will be revealed in the future of the comic.

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