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PRguitarman (or PR for short) is a pseudofur; that is, he has a raccoon fursona, yet doesn't seem interested in the majority of furry fandom. He is a 20-year-old college student and lives in Garland, Texas. PRguitarman originally became well known for his popular LiveJournal, more recently he has gained recognition both in and out of the fandom for creating several popular internet memes and the LOL_Comics webcomic.

PRguitarman is the creator of Pop Tart Cat, better known as Nyan Cat, which gained worldwide attention in April 2011 and spawned several derivatives.

PR maintains three LiveJournal communities:

  • ROFLCL: which focuses on random humorous links, pictures, and Internet oddities. The name of the community officially is a play on the title of the anime Furi Kuri, although some theories suggest that the name could also be a portmanteau of ROFL and VCL.
  • Plushtrip: where users take their plushes on 'adventures' all around the world.
  • Splodefromcute: where users post pictures of cute animals.

PRguitarman was a guest of honor at Further Confusion 2014.[1]

Nyan Cat[edit]

Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat, also known as Pop-Tart Cat, is an 8-bit animation featuring a cat with a cherry Pop-Tart body flying in space with a rainbow trailing behind it. It was created by PRguitarman, and on April 5th, 2011, YouTube user saraj00n uploaded the comic paired with the Japanese Vocaloid song Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya and has since reached meme status, uploaded thousands of times to sites such as YouTube, among others.[citation needed] Countless instances of fanart exist, especially on deviantART. The meme has also been used as avatars on many furry sites.[citation needed] Fur Affinity's banner was briefly an image of a "Nyanified" Fender, which was referred to as a "Nyan Infection".[citation needed]


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