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Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Status Ongoing
First iteration 2018 August 11
Organizer(s) PAWAI Team
Charity None Yet
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: PAWAI resources

PAWAI is a furry convention based in Jakarta.


The name PAWAI is a bilingual acronym in English and Indonesian:

  • English: Party Along With Anthro Indonesia
  • Indonesian: Pesta Akbar Warga Anthro Indonesia

Additionaly, the word pawai itself is Indonesian for parade.


The mascots for the convention are Nusa and Tara.

Nusa Tara

Nusa is a komodo dragon, a large monitor lizard found only in the eponymous Komodo Island. This brown scalie represents the archipelago's uniqueness.

Tara is a beautiful and graceful Javan hawk-eagle. She symbolizes the archipelago's enchanting appearance known throughout the world.

The names Nusa and Tara are inspired from the word Nusantara, a name for the archipelago that stretches from Sumatra to Papua.

PAWAI 2018[edit]

The first PAWAI event took place in 2018 August 11 In South Jakarta. The theme was Kampung PAWAI (PAWAI Village) and the Guest of Honours were Daza, a fursuit maker and Kecap Asin, an artist. There were around 80 attendees with around 20 fursuiters among them.

External links[edit]

  • PAWAI (official website)

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