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P4-34-M0 at his best

P4-34-M0 is a furry writer.


P4-34-M0's fursona is Lenithen, a Taegu.[clarify] Lenithen is naturally connected to the fire element, and possesses the ability to combust without harming himself. Lenithen (mostly) plays as a pet at the FurryMUCK FAAFC.


Lenithen is 4 feet long and 2 inches in diameter, his über floofy bright red fur highlighted gold and flecked with little tongues of cold flame that race across his form before pitting and guttering out. His belly and chest are white and devoid of flame. His fur slowly shifts from red to red-gold as the light plays across it, outlining the lithe muscles that cover his frame. His body is built like a whip, speed and accuracy taking precedence over raw power and stopping force.

Overall, Lenithen's build lends him a sense of suppressed motion, like he is waiting for an excuse to unleash his entire self into a single action. His body is close to that of a Chinese dragon, there being no determinable change between head and tail, one flowing smoothly into the other. He is capable of extending his spine to almost double its usual length, stretching from four to eight feet long. His legs are digitigrade, each of his four toes sporting a large talon. He has four arms, each with four fingers, every one armed with a retractable claw.

His head looks like that of a normal ferret, with the exception of another set of eyes, placed slightly behind and above his primary ones. His primary set are a deep gold flecked with red, while his secondary set are closed. They are sleeping. His jaw hinges open almost 180 degrees to show two rows of empty gums on top and bottom. And then his teeth come out, staring down duel sets of razor sharp teeth. When showing affection, Lenithen has a tendency to glomp people, latching on to an appendage and avidly gumming his victim in a tenacious manner.

Lenithen glows with inner fire. This, coupled with his extensible properties and irrevocably loyal disposition, makes him the perfect scarf.

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