P'Tar the Catarian

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P'Tar the Catarian

P'Tar the Catarian is a cougar felitaur character in Extinctioners. He first appeared in Extinctioners issue 8.

  • Age: 24
  • Weight: 322lbs.
  • Height (on all fours): 6 ft. 4in.

P'Tar was the personal body guard for the Prophetess of the Garden, a female jackalope that dwelled in the Garden of Eden and raised Phenix as a hatchling. P'Tar and his Catarian race act as protectors of the forests of Eden and the Great Tree of Wisdom. The Prophet admires P'Tar's dedication to his duties and often teases him about being so serious and encourages him to lighten up a bit. She treats him almost as an adopted son and he has little complaint about his current status in life.

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