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Ozzy Furocity (OzFur)
Ozzy furocity logo.jpg
Official Logo, created by Mezerian
Author(s) Leon [1]
Status Offline
Launch date September 12, 2010 [1]
End date February 27, 2016 [1]
Genre Gaming community
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Ozzy Furocity, also known as OzFur, was an online gaming community based in Australia.[1]


Ozzy Furocity was founded on September 11, 2010.[1] The community grew to become a multi-national gaming community spanning three continents with 16,000+ group members.[1] In August 2011, Ozzy Furocity became the largest alternative-themed gaming community on Steam, a position it retained for four years.[2] By June 14, 2015, the community had cumulatively hosted 1.35+ million unique players since its inception.[3] In February 2016, the community ceased mainstream operations for undisclosed reasons.

The name Ozzy Furocity originates from a play on the words "Ozzy" (to describe its Australian origin), and "Furocity", which is a portmanteau of the words ferocity and furry.

Hosted games[edit]

Ozzy Furocity hosted Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor 2, Minecraft, and Teamspeak servers in Australia, United States and United Kingdom.[3][4] Ozzy Furocity created the Vs Saxton Hale Remake,[5] a closed-source modification for Team Fortress 2.


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