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Ozzy Furocity (OzFur)
Ozzy furocity logo.jpg
OzFur Logo, created by Mezerian
Author(s) Founder: Leon Hunter [1]

Admins: Rzar, Syaoran Fox, Crashdoom[1]

  • Mods: Auslot, Baroshi, Cazzar, Commissar Cain, Cornette, Death 101010, Devaru, Dubman, Enygma, Enzi, Eryene, FlamingFox, Grim, The Guilty, Halfwrong, HyperChaotix, Icy the Puppy, Komrade Dakkagob, Lepo, Lyrin, Pyrous, Rane, Rekkie, Senior Mc Stabby, The Smile, Star Fox, Teh Fuzz, Templar Flippy, Triggerbeast, Yorktown95, Zealous [1]
Launch date 12 September 2010 [1]
End Date Ongoing
Genre Gaming Community
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Ozzy Furocity, also known as OzFur, is an online gaming community based in Australia founded in September 2010.[1] The name Ozzy Furocity originates from a play on words, consisting of "Ozzy" to describe its Australian origin and Furocity which is a combination of ferocity and furry. The community currently hosts TeamFortress 2, Minecraft and Teamspeak servers in both Australia and the United States. As of August 2011, Ozzy Furocity is the largest Furry Community on Steam and is the official gaming community of The International Yiff Center - A renowned Second Life furry club.

Leon, the founder of Ozzy Furocity, was once staff at The Furry Pound (TFP), however due to differences in direction and methods, he split from the rest of The Furry Pound to form Ozzy Furocity.[2][3] Following the split from The Furry Pound, the community had become well established gaining over 900 group members and 8,650+ unique players within its first month.[1][4] It is most notably known for being the creator of the Vs Saxton Hale remake, a proprietary modification.

Since inception, Ozzy Furocity has played host to 1.4 million different players. [4]


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