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From left to right: one of the earlier drawings of Oz's newest fursona, and Oz's old fursona, Kami

Ozraptor (also known as Oz or Ozzie, real name Mariah P.; born October 24, 1995) is an anthropomorphic artist who lives in Ontario, Canada.


Ozraptor's fursona is a Chimera (a mix of goat, lynx, warthog, snake, and cougar). Her previous fursonas include a tiger named Fien, and a red wolf named Kami. Two out of three of her fursonas have a mohawk.


Ozraptor began drawing anthro art at the age of twelve, and has been going strong ever since. Prior to her discovery of the furry fandom, she drew anime, and was inspired by many different animes. Her main tools are a tablet and PhotoShop, but she has also been known to use Copic markers and paper.


Ozraptor has tried three times to make a fursuit head (and has made many tails and handpaws in between). She considers none of them to be a success.

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