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Ozone ,(born September 26, 1986)[1][2] is a fursuiter and babyfur who lives in Southeast London, England.

Ozone's fursona was a colf (a hybrid of collie and timber wolf) until recently changing it to Corgi, amid comments by friends regarding markings similar to that species. His fursuit was constructed by WhiteyFawks, and debuted at RBW 2008.[3]

Though he no longer frequents the online community Second Life (formerly under the name Ozone Franizzi),Ozone can often be found on the UKFur forums, and also on Babyfur.me[4] He is also a regular member of the LondonFurs[1] group who meet every third Saturday in the St. Pauls area of London.

To date Ozone has only attended two conventions;

RBW "RBW & The Masters of Alchemy" in 2008
Eurofurence 15 "1001 Arabian Nights" in 2009


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