Owens Whitcroft

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Owens Whitcroft is a furry who lives in Castro Valley, California, U.S.A. His fursona is a snow leopard/wolf hybrid.

Standing about 6'" tall, Owens' swimmer-like body structure is sleek and well toned. His ears are somewhat stubby, but pronounced, similar to a feral's ears. His tail is about four and a half feet long.

His fur color is primarily a dark redwood red in color, with white highlights at several points along his body. The first points being along the outer rim of his ears, and in the center of his chest. As one looks down to more "private" areas, the tip of his sheath is also white in color along with the tip of his tail white in color.

Owens' hair is predominately jet-black in color, with platinum streaks throughout, and highlights in the areas along his bangs. His hair is cut at shoulder length and is worn loose or in a pony tail. The color of his pupils is a bright golden-amber, and his gaze towards others is calm and collected. He stands with digitgrade paws, and his faint snow leopard pattern continues down his legs, though the pattern fades away at the tips of his footpaws.

Owens wears a shiny black tungsten-carbide tail ring towards the base of his tail, signifying his marriage. Around his neck, he wears a simple leather collar with his name embroidered into it.

When Owens is out and about, he is seen wearing lightweight skin-tight nylon shirts of various dark colors. His pants are mainly loose-fitting cargo pants, usually military BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) styles. In private, he tends to wear loose fitting cotton clothing, and often lurks about his house in the nude.

Owens is mated to Fernin.

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