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Enraged Gryph example

OverGryph ("Gryph," for short) is the creator of a race of gryphon known as brute gryphons - namely Gryph Sylvr (a main character and also the name of its player's alter-ego) and Bane Sylvr (another character). Gryph (the player) is an Otherkin who enjoys gryphon roleplay (what he calls GRPG) which usually takes place in late-night Yahoo! conferences.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Although Gryph excels in story writing and roleplay, he is a very confident furry artist. His work can be found on several furry websites, including Fur Affinity, Yiffstar and Elfwood. Gryph has also visited Furry Weekend Atlanta on several occasions.



Gryph is the founder of an area of the Gryphon's Guild known as GRPG, which houses skilled roleplayers of gryphonic origin from the Gryphon's Guild and many other places on the net. GRPG takes place in a realm known as Ayenee. The qualifications to roleplay in GPRG are: knowledge of what gryphons actually are; familiarity with Gryphons' Guild; understanding of Ayenee rules, mainly T1-style rules.

In GRPG the characters from any other specific story have more flexibility. For example, if a character is 50 years old and married in a specific story, that same character could be 20 years old and single. Since these characters are commonly plucked out of specific storylines, the roleplay is typically a one-time thing, and what happens in GRPG does not actually happen within the longterm story for those characters involved.


In GRPG:SE, Gryph is one of four known brute gryphons, which are roleplayed by the same player. Listed by ID and Nickname, there are GCCE001 "Gryph," GCCE007 "Bane," GCCE009 "Malvagio," and GCCE010 "Xarxazeroth." The series extends beyond 10, and any missing numbers have either died off in the storyline, or are NPCs.


Between the years 2001 and 2006, Gryph hosted a private GRPG forum named Gryphons of the Mist which holds over 1000 posts today. The forum can be viewed by anyone, but other players are discouraged from interrupting the RP without permission by an administrator. Samples of Gryph's artwork may also be viewed in the photo gallery of GotM, among the work of many other talented artists.


Character Race[edit]

Gryph's breed of gryphon is a member of a unique species called brute gryphons (formerly dire gryphons or weregryphons). In GRPG, the brute gryphons are genetically engineered "recreations" of the very first gryphons in history. Brute gryphons are a durable species with an incredible life span. It is believed they cannot die by natural causes. They also appear much larger in stature than normal gryphons, and are broadwings by design. This means they do not handle small spaces very well.

Brute gryphons have an ability to transform into an Enraged form, most accurately displayed by artist Cara Mitten's "Enraged Gryphon" series. Whatever their pelt color, they become pure white with piercing green eyes. An enraged brute will appear larger than his normal size, more powerful than normal and much more blood-thirsty. Enraged brute gryphons act on feral instinct in this form and spare the lives of no enemy. Similar to a berserk effect, a brute gryphon must continue attacking until enragement effect wears off. More developed characters may have a slight level of control over this.

Brute gryphons are a strong, durable breed of gryphon first used by Gryph. They are thought to originate from the very first breed of gryphon forged by godlike creatures. This type of gryphon is often referred to as a dire gryphon, because of how ancient and mythical it is. Creatures of the brute gryphon bloodline cannot die from natural causes, although they still age and do so in a slow manner. In their prime, a brute gryphon can go thousands of years at a time without showing signs of significant aging.

Brute Gryphon

Height and mass[edit]

Brute gryphons are uniquely identified from normal gryphons because of their size difference, which allows them to tower over normal gryphons.

  • This size difference is clearly seen in the image file on the right.


Unlike normal gryphons, a brute gryphon is equipped with several razor sharp teeth that serve the purpose of infecting other species with a potent pheramone that over a period of time can brainwash the victim into obedience based on sheer lust for the way the brute gryphon's pheramone makes the victim feel.

A brute gryphon's teeth resemble snake fangs but, unlike snake fangs, there are more than sixty teeth in an adult brute's mouth. Like fangs, they can be hidden inside the recesses of the maw, but they are pushed in/out through the use of a complex hydraulic system inside the beak.

A brute gryphon's pheramones are highly toxic but not lethal in normal amounts. Under the effects of a brute gryphon bite, a victim intended to become a meal will be hesitant to deny its fate and cooperate with the brute.

Out of desperation or simple annoyance, a brute gryphon intending to mate with its victim - regardless of its species - will sometimes bite the intended mate simply to permit cooperation without the use of excess force.


The pheramones found in brute gryphon teeth are sought after for use in afrodesiacs and have been called Cupid's Arrow due to the potency of its effect.

If intended for use in its raw form, the extract is classified as a date-rape drug. If prepared properly, the dibilitating effect of the drug can be used in simple afrodesiacs and is typically purchased at a premium price by romantics wishing to experiment.


A brute gryphon has an eerie diet which includes both large and small prey, including other gryphons. Any animal that cannot be swallowed whole will be eaten piece by piece until the meal is complete. Unlike normal gryphons, a brute gryphon enjoys the taste of bone, and will snap clean through it in order to taste the warm marrow within. Crunch is a sound that makes the majority of these creatures very happy with their meal.

Live or dead?[edit]

A brute gryphon will consume both live prey and carrion. Understanding the use of fire and heated meat has made brute gryphons expert scavengers of otherwise inconsumable meat after poor hunting periods. As big as they are, even large meals are difficult to satisfy these beasts and are typically shared throughout the clan in smaller portions - which is kept relatively small for this exact reason.

It is an unwritten law that feeding their young is placed before feeding themselves, but depending on the personality of the brute gryphon, it may eat its young to lessen the numbers in which it has to share its food. This is typical of a younger male brute, who may have been a bit too active with his mates.


Brute gryphons are perhaps one of the less picky species of gryphon when choosing a mate. On occasion, males and females can mate for life - commonly seen with the Alpha male and female; however, it is not frowned upon if either side chooses another temporary mate in their spouse's absence. Mating can occur year-round, but a female brute can only bear offspring during their heat, which happens once annually.

In a clan of brutes, a male may set the rest of his females in heat by releasing an oily, musky scent in his plumage to show his hens that he is prepared to bear offspring. Regardless of their differences in heat cycles, the majority of the hens in the clan may start their estrus in sync with the male. If a male finds himself outnumbered by female mates, he must follow a pecking order set in place by the females, usually from strongest to weakest or most patient.

While a male is normally allowed to choose which female he wishes to mate - even the Alpha female - his freedom of choice is revoked during a clan's estrus. A stronger, more equipped female will overpower even her Alpha female to place herself at the top of the pecking order and receive her mate's best rut.


Brute gryphons are considered an endangered species due to the fact of their stubborn DNA, which makes mating with different species usually end in failure to copopulate. Normal brute gryphons must mate with normal brute gryphons. Halfbreeds are possible but are extremely rare. A purebreed brute can copopulate successfully with a halfbreed, but it isn't practical given the fact that halfbreeds are extremely rare, and considered by scientists to be a mutation. Mutations are unusually rare in brute gryphon DNA and scientists conclude this to be the result of their assumed immortality.

Through new scientific techniques, some brute gryphons have be genetically modified to copopulate with different species of gryphon and in some cases, entirely different species. The offspring inherits most of the traits from the partner of the brute gryphon, and very little, sometimes none, of the brute gryphon traits. Through testing, it has been confirmed that the offspring of these modified brutes can also breed with outside species, posing similar results.

There is a saying, "If you want one brute, you'll need two." The saying holds merit because it takes two purebreed brute gryphons to lay eggs, and in very rare cases can brutes lay more than one egg at a time. Furthermore, laying just one brute gryphon egg, which is easily twice the size of a normal gryphon egg, usually kills the mother. The rate of female offspring to male offspring is 7:1 for this reason. Male brutes are rare and because of that, most brutes operate in harems - one male leader and many female concubines. Brute gryphons are near extinction because of the difficulties they encounter with breeding.


Gryph example

Gryph Sylvr[edit]

Gryph Sylvr the Gryphon Lord (more specifically, GCCE001), is the main roleplay character of User:OverGryph. In character, Gryph is a large alpha male brute gryphon (although there are larger brutes in the story) and leader of a clan of mixed gryphons known as the Silver Elite (hence GRPG:SE). His feathers are usually dyed silver to augment his natural color, which is gray. His eyes share this color, and are brightest after molting. His claws and beak fade from gray to a rich ebony black. Gryph is often seen in either jewelry, for show, or armor, for war, and excels in close-quarter combat.

Bane Sylvr, son of Gryph Sylvr

Bane Sylvr[edit]

Bane Sylvr (more specifically, GCCE007) is also a brute gryphon, and is the son of Gryph Sylvr and a hen named Kilmera (more specifically, GCCE006) who was genetically engineered as the perfect mate for Gryph. He appears slightly taller than his father but more slender. He possesses more physical traits from his mother and flies better than Gryph. He is silver colored, like his father, but has golden highlights awarded from his mother. Bane is scholarly, relying on brains and magical prowess rather than brute strength to win a fight. Bane was born with unusual power - just escaping his egg resulted in the collapse of his incubation chamber, which had to be rebuilt afterward. He is a geomancer by design, and has a strong influence over gravity and other forces of nature. He is a learned alchemist, able to condense vast bodies of water into tiny crystals.


Dr. Sikal Sylvr, often mistaken for his clone, Gryph, is the scientist responsible for the repopulation of his species, the brute gryphons, of which he was believed to be the last remaining member. Sikal is a very clever scientist who has cheated fate on several occasions, and runs a successful business.

Sikal was a mentor to the other gryphons, and taught Bane much more than he could teach Gryph. Through genes inherited by his mother GCCE006, Bane's brain was more developed than other brute gryphons, so Bane made a much better disciple to Sikal, and worked most of his days as a young gryphon in Sikal's lab.

Chronogryphon example


This force of nature was discovered by Bane in his early adult life. Because Bane was the only gryphon capable of understanding this force, the Chronogryphon was applied to his magical practices.

As Bane grew into his years as a young adult, he considered the Chronogryphon a blessing, as if it were more of a deity than a force of nature, and Bane assumed his role as an avatar for its use. As the years went by, the bond between the Chronogryphon and Bane intensified, and the Chronogryphon's power was used for many things ranging from reanimation and even revival of the dead to the prevention of future episodes from occuring (sort of like having a guardian angel). Once fully tapped into the Chronogryphon's power, Bane becomes a sorcerer capable of flipping through the unwritten pages of time as if it were a picture book, ultimately rewriting the destiny of others. In his later years, Bane's connection with the gryphon god made other gryphons regard him as a high priest.

The Chronogryphon is only understood by a few, but it is generally accepted that it requires an avatar to make a true appearance on any earthly plane. While some tasks can be performed from a different plane of existence after the initial connection is made, other more tedious exercises require the Chronogryphon to assume a physical form, and any avatar used to help the Chronogryphon accomplish this will find their personal resources diminished almost entirely by the time the event has transpired.

It is unknown at this point if a true summoning of the Chronogryphon can actually kill its avatar (the body it posesses), although it has been confirmed that an artificial body may be used for an indefinite period.

The mysteries of this godlike anomoly are still under review.


OOC, Gryph can be reached for play or comment on Skype, MSN or Yahoo! Messenger under the handle "OverGryph".

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