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Author(s) J. Mauloni
Update schedule Ended
Launch date May 30, 2007
End Date December 17, 2008
Genre Furry, science fiction
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Outrim is a furry/science fiction webcomic that was written by J. Mauloni.[1] It began on May 30, 2007,[2] and ran until December 17, 2008, when it concluded "due to a serious family medical issue".[3] Whilst running, the comic updated on Mondays and Wednesdays.[1]


Outrim is set in the future after the "Mouuseau-Holden stardrive" (a form of faster-than-light drive) is discovered.[4] As humanity begins exploring the galaxy, a number of accidents, disappearances, and failed colonization attempts make insurance rates skyrocket, putting the future of space exploration in doubt. The problem is solved by "enhancing" various species of animals, creating readymade explorers and colonists who are tough (and completely expendable if necessary).

Outrim follows the anthropomorphic crew of the star-freighter Outrim Queen as she trades goods throughout the galaxy.


The main characters of Outrim are:[5]

  • Vinho Bravo, a rat. He is the Outrim Queen's captain and pilot.
  • Prudence Fairweather, also a rat. She is the first officer and navigator.
  • Angus MacLeod, a hedgehog. Angus is the ship's chief engineer.
  • Piet "Dutch" Pieterszoon, a meerkat. He is the security officer.


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