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Dr. Courtney "Nuka" Plante is a social psychology graduate student at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He associates with the Ontario Furries, Alberta Furries and Kitchener-Waterloo Furries.

Nuka is a co-founder of the Anthropomorphic Research Project and has been collaborating with Dr. Kathy Gerbasi ("Dr. G") and several other social psychology researchers for the past several years in the scientific study of furries and the international furry fandom. He has been a part of the research team at Anthrocon 2010, Anthrocon 2011, Anthrocon 2012, Furry Fiesta 2011, Furry Fiesta 2012, and will be part of the team at Oklacon 2012. He has given talks about the furry research at numerous venues, including the above furry conventions, UBCon 2012, Furnal Equinox 2011, Furnal Equinox 2012, and to several university sociology classes. He has also written a guest post for [adjective][species] on the subject.[1]

The nickname "Nuka" and some of the details of his fursona come from the character Nuka from artist Melissa Jewell (a.k.a Nukascrue) and her (no longer operating) website Mewtopia.

His fursona (and fursuit) is a neon-blue kitty (often wearing some kind of lab coat and goggles) with a love of marshmallows, Lego and science.

Nuka is featured, with other fursuiters, on a furry episode of National Geographic Channel's Taboo.[2]

Nuka has been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome.


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