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Our Cartoon President is an animated comedy television series that premiered in 2018.

Episode 18 (of first season), Election Special, had content of interest to furries: involving Don Jr and Stephen Miller.

(occurring in the 29th minute of the episode)

Don Jr. is in Steven Miller's hot air balloon, but it has gotten snagged on the Washington Monument.

Don Jr: "Ugh! I should've packed a snack instead of this busty werewolf figurine I rush-ordered online."

(Don Jr. lifts up the werewolf figurine)

Stephen Miller pop-ups up unexpectedly and they have a conversation. (for these quotes let's skip to the end of the converation)

Stephen Miller: "I just wish I was as cool as you or Ben Shapiro, and didn't have to put up a front."

Don Jr: "Hey, I want you to have this."

(Don gives Stephen the werewolf figurine)

Stephen Miller: "Wow! Until I make the real thing in a lab, this will do just fine." and he laughs.