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Logo of the Ottawa Furs, designed by Nereza.

Ottawa Furs is a furry community that serves the city of Ottawa and Ottawa Valley. It replaced the former Capital Furs group.

The group is relatively well organized and has a fairly strong web presence. They host a weekly furmeet, with an average attendance of 20 people and a Facebook group with 226 members (as of October 9, 2015). Ottawa Furs and Ottawa Furries are two names for the same group[1]; however, Ottawa Furs tends to be the more widely used name.


The Ottawa furry community has been around since the mid-1990s. Originally known as OttFur, the community held many events until late 2002 when the administrator of the online forum left the city. The online forum for OttFur was run originally by Kovu and then by Gallagher. In 2003-2004[clarify], the OttFur name was replaced by Capital Furs. After several unknown events[clarify], Capital Furs died down from being what appeared to be[2] a relatively active community.

During the period of transition from when Capital Furs died down and Ottawa Furs formed, Kaldar Lion kept the furry community of Ottawa together with his weekly "McFur" meet. The largest "McFur" meet had 36 attendees in late 2014. Shortly afterwards, the meet was moved, renamed, and remade.

Ottawa Furs began to change dramatically when QuyetPawz met Sangha Leo in early 2014. The two of them, along with Kaldar, would co-found the latest Ottawa Furs incarnation. The final step of major transformation that lead to the group's current structure occurred later that same year when Arc joined the picture.



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