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Wally Wolf by Jeff Ringtail
Wally Wolf gets a helping hand from his other fursonas: (left to right) Samuel Squirrel, Carson Cougar, Wally Wolf, Louie Lizard, Nova Zax and Oscar Duck

Wally Wolf (born May 5th, 1971[1]) is a fursuit enthusiast from Apex, North Carolina, United States.

When not working as a chemical engineer, Wally is often seen in one of several fursonas: Carson Cougar, Sammy Squirrel, Oscar Duck, Louie Lizard and Nova Zax.

Preferring the term mascot over fursuit, Wally wears his suits at various conventions and furry functions, as well as for several service organizations, church functions and public events. One of his greatest loves is to visit sick children in hospital, some with little time left, and bring a smile to their face with a wag of a tail and a shake of a tambourine, sometimes bringing them toys or just acting like a clown. He has logged several hundred hours doing this for the kids.

Wally is also an avid photographer, artist, amateur radio operator and unicycler.


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