Original Life

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Original Life
Original Life.png
Abigail, Thomas and Janie
Author(s) Jay Naylor
Update schedule Monday and Friday (2009-2014), Sporadic (2016), Hiatus (2016-present)
Genre Comedy/Drama
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Original Life is a comedy comic written by Jay Naylor. The strip began on June 1, 2009 after Naylor finished his original series Better Days. Up until 2014, the comic updated every Monday and Friday; following a year-long hiatus, the comic continued in 2016 and updated sporadically (usually once every one-four weeks or more) until it went on hiatus again. It details the life and times of Fisk and Elizabeth's children, Abigail, Thomas, and Janie, and as of September 2013, has included many storylines for various members of the original "Better Days" cast, including Lucy, Tommy, and their only son, Leo. Other characters include Beth and Aron, as well as many storylines for new characters, such as Fisk's partner in his agency, Red, and Jessica's niece, Trixie.

Unlike Better Days, Original Life features a lighter and more humorous plot, with minor segments of dramatic moments interspersed throughout. Also, rather than following Fisk and Lucy as they progress through life like in Better Days, the characters of Original Life will not age (or at least not do any major timeskips). The comic is set in modern times. These changes are mainly due to Naylor opting to "just keep it fun," stating that he enjoyed the lighter chapters of Better Days far more than the somber ones. The storylines often feature Thomas, Abigail and Janie going through what most kids do: bullies, friends, imagination, school, changes in themselves, and the normal sibling rivalries that most people live through.

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