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Order of the Claws was a completely furry run, furry-friendly guild in the game World of Warcraft. They were on the Bloodhoof server, Horde side. Order of the Claws, "OotC" or "Claws" for short, was the single largest furry guild in the game. There are only three remaining members as seen on their armory page, and the guild seems to be completely inactive.

Claws had been a draw for furry WoW players for years, and because of this a fairly larger portion of Bloodhoof's player base are furries. OotC also had created an Alliance mirror guild named Legion of the Claws which still looks minimally active.

Order of the Claws is now an empty level 25 guild, and was a social, leveling, dungeoning, and casual raiding guild all rolled up in one. They provided a fun, friendly and social place for furries to enjoy the game in. All furry players were welcome to join, and even non-fur friends and people who simply have no problems with playing in a furry-run guild.

The current guild master in the roster is now a lvl 88 Goblin named Boltspark.

OotC had also started the in game chat channel "/furchat" to provide a place for furs of different guilds to speak with one another.

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